Drop Shipping


What is Drop Shipping ?

Drop shipping is a Business Model that allows you to buy products individually from a wholesaler and Ship them directly to your customers with your name.

The biggest difference between Drop-Shipping and the Standard retail model is that the Reseller neither have to Purchase any Inventory in Advance nor have to worry about packaging your orders and Running around for courier companies. Instead, the Reseller purchases Inventory/Stock only when He/ She gets Confirm Orders from their Customers and Shruti Creation will take care of Order Fulfillment.  

How Drop-Shipping works with Shruti Creation ?

Shruti Creation Provides an Awesome opportunity for an Individual to Start their own Business without any Investment or Purchasing any Inventory.

Let us Understand the concept wit h the Help of an Example ?

Using drop Shipping Service , Shruti Creation will deliver the order to your buyer at their Doorstep with your Business Name. Shruti Creation will not reveal any of its Identity while delivering to your customer.

In this way , You are earning Profits before Purchasing any Products from us. You just need to take confirmed orders from your customers and Place the same on Our Website and be Relaxed. Shruti Creation will take care of your Orders Right from Quality checking to Delivery to your buyer.

How Business Through Drop-Shipping is Beneficial for me?

Through this business, Module anyone can Start a business without any Investment.

Good Scope of earning for the Individuals looking to have an Extra income.

Easiest Way to Start & Run a Business.

No Investment, No Inventory and No Shop (office) needed to Run this business.

Is there any M.O.Q (Minimum Order Quantity) Criteria for Starting Drop-Shipping Business?

No. There is no Such Criteria. You can even sell Single Products from our website.

Do you Send the package to our buyers with your Brand name?

No. We take utmost care to maintain confidentiality between you and us. We will send the Package to your buyer with your Business name. Your Buyer will think as the Products had been shipped through You. Shruti Creation doesn’t reveal its identity to any of your Buyers at any cost.

Is Business License Necessary to Start my Business ?

Not Necessary. You need not to have your business name or License. There are many of our resellers doing business from Home and are doing well.

Do you Send the package to our buyers with your Brand name?

Currently we are the Largest Drop-Shipping Service Providers in India.

Being Wholesalers, We are the Only Supplier In India to Provide Single Products from All catalogs at wholesale Price.

We are well established into this business since last 4 years.

We have more than 15000 unique Products which gives a huge scope for our resellers to Sell.

Trusted Service Providers with more than 12000 registered Resellers Worldwide.

Drop-Shipping available for worldwide Delivery.

Still have Question?

Fill the below form or drop an email to sales@shruticreation.com & Submit the details You will get a call from Our Expert.

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